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Roach McKrackin

Drummer Wanted For Established Punk Rock 'n' Roll Band!

The Murder - 2010 - Drummer Wanted
The Murder, an established Boston based Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll band seeks a drummer for local and regional shows & recording.

We currently have two albums under our belt and working toward our third. This album, moreso than our prior ones, is going to have a Libertarian political streak to it. While we have no problem with anyone's personal politics differing from this bent, the band as a whole will be representing these ideas through our music.

You should also be a laid back team player with your own transportation to and from practice, although we have a truck & trailer and will travel together for out of town shows. Partying is fine, even encouraged, but please, no junkies, drunks or thieves!

We have a band dedicated kit (Tama Rockstar 5-piece), but you should have (and probably will want to use) your own hardware & breakables. This is negotiable if you don't own any gear.

We practice one night a week in Roxbury (Uphams Corner) and play out 3 - 4 times a month, primarily on weekends, but occasionally on weeknights as well.

Both of our albums are available to stream for free at: so you can get an idea of how we sound.
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