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Boston Bands

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This site is:
1. For bands in boston and surrounding areas (harvard, allston-brighton, jp, etc. and all local colleges/universities) to advertise their own upcoming shows or shows they're interested/excited about. (Posts can also be extended to rest of new england area, but please remember many boston residents, especially students, don't have access to cars and probably will not be able to attend something unconnected to public transportation)
2. All genre of music welcome
3. For people in the new england area to find out about upcoming shows and find people to go to shows with
4. To post news about your favorite boston bands
5. To write your own reviews of shows that you were at and the bands that you saw

Please be aware that large posts and pictures ARE allowed on this site WITHOUT lj cuts. People work hard on promotional flyers and I think they're cool looking.

Promotions for other communities will ONLY be allowed if they are not trying to compete with the boston_bands community.